We deliver peace of mind

An experienced guide earning your trust

Our loyalty to your family extends across generations, regardless of life’s uncertainties.

As an independent multi-family office, we enable families to steer their wealth throughout their financial path in life. We think with your family. We provide information, tool and access to a network of experts and to the best managers.

Our values.

first and foremost

We continuously learn and grow by questioning the status-quo. Our respect for the ideas and opinions of our stakeholders and our clients are a constant driver of growth as a team.


We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. We go to great lengths to insure that you receive the best possible service and advice, at all times.

Our continuous strive
towards excellence

We are proactive, creative and curious. We continuously re-evaluate our processes and look for optimization in everything we do.

Integrity through

Integrity is not a buzz word. Through our radical independence we guarantee to serve your best interests. We can honestly say that we measure our success by our clients’ experiences of our provided services.

Redefining fiduciary
duty through rigorous

Structurally independent:

  • No financial institutions as shareholder
  • Independent directors for sound corporate governance

Financially independent

  • Remunerated exclusively by our clients
  • No retrocessions or bonuses from third parties

Intellectually independent

  • No preconceived ideas about particular investment strategies or financial products


  • Team covering broad range of financial in-depth expertise
  • 4-eyes principle

Meet the

We take time to explain the logic behind our decision-making process and share information proactively. We organize events and (inter)national business trips and create the opportunity to meet managers face-to-face.