Preservation, development
and transfer of wealth

Portolani provides wealth services and advice for entrepreneurial families. As a family office, we offer senior expertise in portfolio construction and monitoring, corporate finance, wealth structuring and family governance, supported by a network of specialists.

Advising your family’s wealth is a delicate exercise. We take time to get to know you and your family’s dynamic. We have a close relationship with our clients and advise them proactively in a rapidly changing environment (family, company, markets and regulatory framework). The relationship of trust is one of the pillars on which the partners founded Portolani in 2006. We are the proud partner of over two dozen families, many of whom have been working closely with us for over ten years.

Portfolio construction and monitoring
for liquid and illiquid markets.

Our team combines knowledge, experience, market data and mathematical tools to structure your investment portfolios.

We work differently, as we look for the best managers of liquid funds and illiquid funds (Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Debt and Infrastructure). We question, research and monitor them and their investment strategy. After a positive assessment, we analyze whether the manager can add value to our clients’ portfolios.

This method offers you three important advantages:

  • We don’t sell our own funds and don’t receive any type of incentive from the managers of the funds we advise. You retain control.
  • We use the combined purchasing power of our clients to negotiate lower fees. No additional fees are charged by Portolani.
  • Whenever we negotiate a discount, we directly refund this to the families. Our sole focus is finding the best possible funds to grow your wealth, in an optimal structure.
“Portolani advises, in respect of my investments,
as if they were their own.”

We follow four steps for portfolio construction and monitoring.

1. Asset allocation

The first step of asset allocation is understanding your family’s needs, goals and preferences. We use this exercise to design a framework and structure your investment portfolio. We assess the results with mathematical simulations, analyzed by a team with almost 90 years of combined experience in finance. Throughout this process we give you the opportunity to ask questions and challenge us.

2. Selection of managers

Over the past decade, we have gained access to some of the best asset managers of both liquid and illiquid investment funds. After a process of thorough due diligence, we share our analysis and invite you to meet the managers in person, in Belgium or during an organized trip abroad.

For example, our families have gained access to invest in Sequoia, one of the best managers of venture capital worldwide. We are the only Belgian multi-family office that ever secured this access for its clients.

3. Economies of scale

Working with us, means joining forces with other high-net-worth families. By federating the investment power of the families, our clients can subscribe to liquid funds in our selection at favorable conditions.

The federation of wealth is especially interesting for your illiquid investment portfolios (private markets). Ticket sizes (the minimum required investment) in these funds are often too high to allow for a diversified illiquid investment portfolio for all but the wealthiest families. We set up a structure that allows our clients to ‘pick and choose’ some or all of the illiquid funds we propose, determine the subscription amount, and jointly subscribe to funds with other families. This way you can invest in multiple managers and build a diversified portfolio.

4. Consolidation and analytical reporting

We provide a periodical, comprehensive, easy-to-read and fully transparent reporting. Our reporting consolidates all your portfolios, both liquid and illiquid, and calculates performances based on an independent market data provider. We both monitor the positions in your portfolio as well as make sure the negotiated fees were charged correctly. We save all data in an Advent powered database, ensuring you are able to correctly track performance, fees and transactions over a long time period.

“You can only independently judge portfolio managers, if you are not a portfolio manager yourself.”

Marc Ecker
Partner and founder of Portolani

Corporate finance advice

“After an investment bank advised us to sell, Portolani listened carefully to our objectives and assisted us to restructure our business so as to de-risk part of our wealth but continue in business.”

The long-term growth of your wealth is our core business. We offer our expertise, experience and network to successfully close corporate finance transactions. We have a proven track-record of successfully closed deals, on which our clients will testify that we took their best interest to heart at every step of the decision-making process.

Some of the corporate finance services we offer:

  • “Hold or sell” decisions
  • Optimizing shareholder value
  • M&A transactions
  • (Re)financing transactions
  • Representing the client in board and supervisory board
  • Implementing sound corporate governance

Wealth structuring and
family governance advice

We enable you to steer your wealth across generations, regardless of life’s uncertainties. We have a thorough understanding of the structures you can use to transfer your wealth to the next generation, while remaining in control.

A. Wealth structuring and estate planning

We assist you in effectively selecting and operating the wealth structures that best fit your family’s needs and objectives. We make sure that as your family and your assets change, the structures are adapted accordingly by coordinating the work of corporate and tax advisors, auditors and other specialists of your choice.

We are familiar with a host of Belgian and foreign wealth structures.

B. Family governance advice

Harmony within your family is a prerequisite to make sound decisions. However, translating your family’s values and objectives into long-standing agreements on how to preserve, develop and transfer your family’s wealth is no easy task.

We assist you in designing and executing a process in which each family member can have honest and ‘deep’ discussions on each of these important questions:

  • What are your family’s most important values and ideals? Which long-term goals do you want to accomplish within your family?
  • How can the family’s wealth support future endeavours of family members?
  • How are conflicts managed within your family and how can this be improved?

C. Unique corporate administration services in Luxembourg:

In order to have an efficient structure, we organize dedicated infrastructure (rental offices, separate phone lines, office manager, and corporate secretary) and qualified staff to assure that Luxembourg based vehicles prepare, decide and execute corporate decisions in Luxembourg.

“As I felt my succession planning was no longer relevant for my situation, I had specialists look into it. They advised me not to change anything, after which I turned to Portolani. Where others gave in, Portolani took my best interests at heart and was able to provide a better solution. ”